I have gotten used to writing here for things other than the stated “news and shows” such that, when I have a news or a show, it feels woefully bereft of the magic of saying a thing that is FOR you all and not TO or (—worse—) AT you all. And yet you might want to know about the two times I (we!) am (are!) playing this week, both outside and therefore oriented towards flesh over the you that is some zeroes and some ones on a webinar or whatnot.

Let us put that information out front, before seeing what happens in yammering about it in but a moment:

0. Show The First:

Thursday, 8.12, 7:30PM at Littlejoy but really The Cow? 

(This ambiguity makes no sense unless you are here in Northfield.)

Brady Lenzen, JC Sanford, me. 

OUTSIDE, see above, but If you had a mask in your pocket that would be cool, if it gets really packed and/or you want to re-enact a famous bank robbery during which the people of Northfield ROSE UP. I am told that alcohol will be available for purchase.

I made a graphic that you can view at this InstantGram, but also you’ve already seen it: 

1. Show The Next:

Saturday! 8.14, Mears Park in St. Paul.

Same band, same set, same state BUT a part of New Music Gathering (!)

The whole Saturday evening slate begins at 7PM, we are second to last, there are details here:

Now that Business Communications have been transmitted, how are you? I am good, thanks, except I tried to lift a 2-person kayak as one person and it turns out that doing such a thing will wreak havoc on an important part that, I am told, connects the left hip bone to the left rib bone(s). At least I am not carrying a Wurlitzer and two amps and a modular synth to these shows, oh wait, yes I am, that was predictable in terms of joke structure but sometimes you just need a warm rhetorical hug and I am giving those away right here right now. 

The best thing about the music that you might hear this week is that I am not making it by myself. Despite quadrupling down on the person-alone-in-their-basement-with-soundmakers thing (it is a thing) over the past many years, there are generous souls in this my small orbit that acquiesce to joining. Or maybe want to! I blame Jason (Treuting) for this whole turn of events, as a year ago I played some music that I had made by myself and he asked if he might try to join, and I said yes because if Jason (Treuting) offers to play a drum set anywhere near you, you say yes absolutely tell me what time and here is a bagel. And then the whole thing turned into A Thing in which I amassed some folks that I like and trust and sent them “a score,” kind of, and demos, definitely, and then this amazing thing happened to my inbox: sounds appeared! 

Two of the aforementioned trusted souls / sound-emailers are the aforementioned Brady and JC, and playing with them is the best. No doubt you have heard my solo stuff and thought “please add intricate electric bass and trombone.” I have heard you on this.

It is a big joy to play with them at Littlejoy (BOOM DAD JOKE, you’re welcome) but all joking aside, joy is the word. It is what I hope I can convey in these words and with those sounds. Join if you like. Yours would be a most welcome presence.

It Is Definitely Not A Trumpet,